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Allen TX Zip Codes: A Comprehensive Guide to 75002 and 75013

Looking for the Allen TX zip codes? We got you. Here is the postal information that you need to know.

Allen has two zip codes: 75002 and 75013.

Allen is a city in Collin County in the U.S. state of Texas, and a northern suburb of Dallas. According to the 2020 U.S. census its population was 104,627, up from 84,246 in 2010. Allen is located approximately twenty miles north of downtown Dallas and is a part of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area.

History of Allen Tx Zip Codes

Allen was incorporated in 1953. The first zip code in Allen was 75002, which was assigned in 1963. The second zip code, 75013, was assigned in 1983.

allen tx zip codes map
allen tx zip codes

Allen’s zip codes have changed over time as the city has grown. The original zip code, 75002, covered the entire city. However, as the city has expanded, the USPS has created a second zip code, 75013, to cover the southern part of the city.

Allen TX Zip Code 75002

Let’s look at where in Allen the 75002 zip code is located. The majority of zip code 75002 is east of Central Expressway. Let’s explore the population dynamics, race and ethnicity, median income, and median age of 75002.

75002 Allen Texas Zip Code map
75002 Allen TX Zip Code

75002 Population

The 75002 popular is 71,102 individuals! This Allen zip code ranks as the 39th most populated zip code among the 1,929 zip codes in Texas.

Diversity Among Race and Ethnic Groups

Among the 75002 residents, the largest racial and ethnic groups are White, accounting for 58.3% of the population, followed by Hispanic at 12.6% and Black at 12.3%. This vibrant blend of cultures adds a unique richness and inclusiveness to the fabric of this community.

Income Data

Let’s talk about the economic prosperity of 75002. In 2021, the median household income for this zip code was $110,796.

This puts 75002 households slightly ahead of their counterparts in 78669 ($110,573) and 79330 ($110,625). It’s evident that the residents of 75002 are reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication. Approximately 4.5% of 75002 families face poverty.

A Mix of Ages

The 75002 zip code features different generations with a median age of 39.1 years old.

75002 Neighborhoods

While not every neighborhood in 75002, here are a few that you may recognize.

Cumberland Crossing: A residential community with a variety of home styles and sizes.

Bethany Ridge Estates: A neighborhood with spacious homes and a suburban feel.

Summerfield: A well-established neighborhood with mature trees, parks, and a community pool.

Morningside: Located in east Allen, this community is located close to a middle school and easy access to several elementary schools.

Fountain Park: This older community is located near both the Allen Freshman Center and Allen High School.

Major roads in 75002 include parts of the following:

  • Custer Road
  • Stacy Road
  • McDermott Road

Notable 75002 Landmarks and Attractions

Here are the notable Allen 75002 landmarks and attraction in this zip code:

Allen Event Center (aka Credit Union of Texas Event Center) – located in the Villages of Allen, this arena serves as home not only to the Allen Americans hockey team, but many local events.

Allen High School – while our little city is now a big town with a large student population, one thing sets us apart from many Texas cities. We have only one high school. Allen High School is a prominent educational institution known for its academic excellence, comprehensive programs, and thriving student community.

Eagle Football Stadium – Home to the often high school Texas state football champions, this high school stadium is quite well known. It even has a wikipedia page! The stadium opened on August 31, 2012, but closed in 2014 briefly due to cracks.

Allen ISD Administration Building – home to the independent school district administrative staff.

Allen Public Library – Located in the heart of the city, the library offers a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals can explore, learn, and connect.

Allen Senior Center – The Allen Senior Recreation Center is a community center for people 50 years of age and older. It is located at 451 St. Mary Drive in Allen, Texas 75002. Learn more about the Allen Senior Recreation Center.

Allen Texas Zip Code 75013

With a population of 44,807 people, 75013 holds the 164th position among the 1,929 zip codes in Texas in terms of population. It’s no small feat to be a part of such a thriving community!

75013 Allen TX zip code map
75013 Allen TX zip code

75013 Population

However, it’s worth noting that 78108, boasting 44,734 residents, and 75033, with 44,703 residents, are hot on its heels.

Race and Ethnicity

In 75013, the population is richly diverse. The largest racial and ethnic groups in this zip code are White, comprising 54.3% of the population, followed by Asian at 28.9% and Hispanic at 8.6%.


When it comes to income, the median household income for 75013 in 2021 was $145,220. This places 75013 households slightly ahead of their counterparts in 77059 ($144,391) and 78886 ($144,583).

It’s clear that the 75013 Allen TX zip code is experiencing economic prosperity, with its residents enjoying the fruits of their hard work and dedication. That said, there is a 1.7% of 75013 families that still face challenges, living below the poverty line.

Age: A Vibrant Mix of Generations

75013 is a zip code where various generations coexist harmoniously. The median age of its residents is 37.7 years young, reflecting a balance between youthful energy and the wisdom of experience. It’s a community where the young and the young at heart can connect, learn, and grow together.

With both Allen Texas zip codes, us who have lived here for a very long time will tell you that 75013 is the “newer” zip code. The 75002 zip code was the singular postal zip for Allen until 1983. At that time – the zip code, known for being on the west side of Allen, 75013 was born.

Popular 75013 Zip Code Neighborhoods

Here are popular neighborhoods that are located in the Allen 75013 zip code region.

Twin Creeks: A master-planned community known for its golf course, parks, and upscale homes. Also included in this community is Estates of Twin Creeks. This is a luxury home community within the Twin Creeks development, known for its large lots and upscale amenities.

StarCreek: A wonderful community with beautiful homes, parks, and walking trails.

Waterford Crossing: A neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes and townhomes, featuring a community pool and green spaces.

Beacon Hill: A residential area with a mix of single-family homes and townhomes, featuring a community pool and playground.

Glendover Park: A family-friendly community with parks, a swimming pool, and walking trails.

The 75013 zip code includes businesses and residents that are slightly east, and everything west of US 75 in the city of Allen. Here are some of the major roads in this zip:

  • US 75
  • 121 Toll Road
  • Custer Road
  • Stacy Road
  • Watters Road

Notable Allen Landmarks in 75013

Here are notable attractions to 75013 zip code:

  • Allen Premium Outlets
  • The Golf Club at Twin Creeks
  • Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club
  • The Courses at Watters Creek

City of Lucas Zip Code

If you are trying to send a letter or package to someone in the city of Lucas and notice that there zip code is 75002, you are right! There are several parts of Lucas, TX with the 75002 zip code.

Lucas, TX is a small community that resides just east of Allen, TX. While the town is small – it’s land takes up a large portion of the 75002 zip code.

The 75002 zip code, like Lucas, TX is also associated with the city of Parker, TX.

About the US Zip Code System

The zip code system was created by the United States Postal Service in 1963 to improve the efficiency of mail delivery. The system assigns a five-digit code to each delivery area in the United States. This code helps the USPS to sort and deliver mail more accurately and quickly.


Allen is a growing city with two zip codes: 75002 and 75013. The zip codes help to improve the efficiency of mail delivery and to keep track of the city’s growth.

What county is 75002?

75002 is in Collin County – located in North Texas.

What county is 75013?

75013 is in Collin County, and is one of two Allen Texas zip codes.

Where is the 75013 post office?

The closest 75013 post office will be located in Allen. United States Allen Postal Office 401 Century Pkwy, Allen, TX 75013

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